Not One Thing

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Jun 25, 2020



Despite Bomb Pop experiencing their highest sales to date, the brand was looking to move beyond limited occasion purchase by deepening relevance with their Gen Z audience. Their new platform launch, Bomb Pop Middles, created an opportunity to re-introduce the brand in a whole new way through a fully-integrated campaign that celebrated much more than just the product.


Launch the brand’s first ever frozen novelty product through a national campaign to an audience that is especially sensitive to being pandered to. We knew if we didn’t connect with Gen Z directly, we’d risk being dismissed completely.


Our strategy centered around our audience. Turns out, Gen Z isn’t what you’d typically expect from past generations. They’re a beautiful enigma that delights in impossible combinations. Being the most diverse, inclusive, gender-fluid and wildly creative group, our work celebrated and uplifted their multi-dimensionality, rather than aim to contain it. Fortunately, our product is no different. A variety of flavors, textures, and sensorial experiences, it was only natural to tie to our audience truth, to our product. And we didn’t stop there, we developed partnerships with both niche and emerging platforms-- from TikTok Hashtag Challenges with influencers, to Twitch streaming integrations and SoundCloud music mash-ups, even our media strategy was #NotOneThing.


Jun 25, 2020
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Bomb Pop

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