Supercell's Super Villain Dr. T Takes Over the Airwaves to Promote Super Weapon in 'Boom Beach'

Just Like in the Movies

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Dec 28, 2015

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Dr. T, the honcho evildoer from Supercell's mobile game "Boom Beach," took over the airwaves on Christmas Day -- just like any proper super villain should do -- to announce a new super weapon he has created to conquer the universe.

About three weeks from now, the massive superweapon will be unveiled in the game, and Dr. T is inviting players to put their wits together to try to take him out. The release of the new spot, created out of Barton F. Graf, coincided with Dr. T's simultaneous appearance on other channels including online, mobile and in social media, and since then, he continues to taunt gamers, showing off other weapons in his arsenal, and giving a "hint" as to how to defeat him.