Boring Cab Ride? This Stunt Gives Passengers Their Money Back

Online Gaming Brand Casumo Surprises Passengers in Oslo

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Jun 12, 2014

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Judging by this stunt from Perfect Fools and online gaming company Casumo, taxi rides in Oslo must be really uneventful. (We don't think it would work in New York, where you're mostly terrified, or London, where the driver would probably be ranting on about something). Anyway, the agency is secretly filming customers in cabs using three that feed into a 4G-connected computer and printer. The software calculates the cost of their ride based on how "bored" they look during the journey.

Casumo then surprises them with a refund for the boring part of their journey, giving them the balance of the fare as a cash-back code to redeem on The print out also asks the passenger if their photo and emotional journey details can be published on a campaign website -- which features a heat map of the taxi's journey, colour coded to identify the most boring parts of the city. Passengers' own experiences are shown alongside statistics and details of the technology used.


Jun 12, 2014
Perfect Fools-Stockholm

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