ESPN : Born Into It Translated

Hey moppet!

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Dec 06, 2012

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Say what you will about Brits, nobody can come close to them when it comes to colorful language. So you mingers looking for some good zingers to throw around during Sunday Night Football are in luck, because Wieden & Kennedy New York and ESPN have your back, with this mystifyingly wonderful spot continuing the channel's "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports" campaign.

The spot debuts on the eve of the 164th Manchester Derby, an important English Premier League matchup between two teams that have a deep and long seated rivalry, kind of like if the Yankees and Red Sox were in the same city.

The spot asks fans from each team to imagine if they were actually unfortunate enough to root for the other. Of course, they can't, because the very thought of it disgusts them, leading to colorful Britishisms like "wanker," "tosser" and "fit bird." Because when it comes to sports, you're born in to our team.

Of course, the language might be complete gibberish to Americans, so ESPN is running an annotated version online, which interrupts the rapid-fire dialogue with "flash cards" that explain what the lads are actually mouthing off.