Adorable Singing Roadkill Guilt-Trips You Into Upgrading Your Wipers

Ad for Bosch Auto Parts Doubles as PSA for The Humane Society

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Dec 09, 2015

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How do you make an ad for windshield wipers interesting? Answer: singing roadkill.

This spot for Bosch Auto Parts also doubles as a PSA for the Humane Society -- but in a clever twist, it does it from the point of view the animals you just squished.

The ad, from Grey New York, features adorable rapping skunks, deer and squirrel puppets. They throw down and dance to hilarious lyrics and a catchy tagline -- "Dont' Be a Killer Car" -- in a performance that pays homage Michael Jackson's "Thriller." While it's not quite Dumb Ways to Die, it recalls the spirit of that memorable PSA too.

Production company Hornet worked with Grey to produce the animation using life-size puppets handled by a team of puppeteers and a choreographer controlling each character 's movement throughout the piece. You can find out more about the characters (including what they're doing in the afterlife) on a website.

There is a serious message -- the campaign aims to educate motorists on the importance of changing their windshield wipers at least every twelve months to help save lives, both animal and human -- and it's a great way of getting it across; the video is already getting plenty of love on social media.

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