George Hamilton sails on the KFSea to hawk KFC's Crispy Colonel sandwich

The actor sings its praises in a crunchy musical number

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Apr 20, 2018

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George Hamilton is back as KFC's Extra Crispy Colonel, with spots showcasing the ultra-tanned actor in his seemingly natural habitat, baking in the sunshine.

"Bronze and gold and new and tasty," Hamilton sings into a microphone that looks like a golden leg of fried chicken as he wanders the deck of a yacht, dubbed the KFSea, in a 30-second spot.

The "Bossa Crispy" commercial from Wieden & Kennedy riffs not just on cruise culture but on ad cues. "Cut to close up of the Crispy Colonel," he continues, highlighting the chain's newest product, a Crispy Colonel sandwich. After other close-ups, backup singers call out the product attributes with a syncopated chorus of crunchy bites.

In a 15-second spot called "Rescued," Hamilton delivers a $20 Extra Crispy meal via remote-controlled drone to a family stranded in the water on a safety float.

Hamilton first appeared in KFC spots for extra crispy chicken in 2016. He's one of several celebrities to appear in the campaign, which began running in 2015 and has recently featured Reba McEntire.