Converse : Boyfriend's Shirt

Converse makes artists out of everyone.

Published On
Dec 09, 2009

Editor's Pick

Converse served as a patron of the arts for this campaign out of La Comunidad, "Play." The brand commissioned the agency to be a curator of original art from the pan-Latin region, resulting in this series of 40 video pieces that aim to inspire the passion and creativity of Converse fans. The shorts will appear on Converse's Latin America's websites and demonstrate a broad range of creativity—one shows how to make a pinhole camera out of a Converse box, while another shows the many uses of an ex-boyfriend's shirt. The films will be rolled out over the next six months.

As part of its Converse arts push, La Comunidad Summer, the agency's brand ideation division, also made its U.S. debut of its modular art exhibit, "This Is Not An Gallery," at Art Basel on December 5th in Miami. The T.I.N.A.G. exhibition was part of the Converse event "Art is For Everyone," which sought to break down the barriers between people and art.