Boyz II Men Make Even Flatulence Sound Sexy in Geico's Latest Spot

They Will Also Sing Your Bad News on Facebook

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Jun 12, 2017

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Geico's latest ad in its "It's What You Do" campaign features Boyz II Men doing what they do -- making everything sound good. They pop up in a pharmacy, putting into song a list of embarrassing side effects from a customer's medication, and making even words like "flatulence" sound sexy.

In addition to the TV spot, The Martin Agency has also created additional digital content featuring Boyz II Men making other bad news/insults sound good -- like "that outfit that you're wearing makes me want to swipe left" or "Mom and Dad, please stop liking every single on of my posts."

They'll also be appearing in a Geico Facebook Live event on June 25, where they will sing your custom "Bad Newz" message right from the comments section, in real time the day of the event.