This satirical video game proposes a new way to prevent gun violence

Juniper Park/TBWA created 'League of Legislators' for the Brady Center

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Sep 26, 2019

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The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is behind the creation of a satirical video game in which players are U.S. representatives trying to avoid pressure from the gun lobby.

"League of Legislators," created by Toronto agency Juniper Park/TBWA, invites players to act as U.S. representatives who must avoid lobbyists and bribes from the gun lobby. If they make it to the Capitol to sign gun legislation, they receive a message: “Congratulations! You did your job. Now send this game to a member of Congress and tell them to do theirs."

Taking aim at elected officials who placed part of the blame on the "glorification of violence" (like video games) in society following recent mass shootings, the game proposes that if violent video games can cause gun violence, then a video game can also end gun violence.

The Brady Center is encouraging people to share the game with the hashtag #GunsNotGames.

President of Brady Kris Brown says in a statement: “The message of this game is clear: If video games can cause gun violence, then they can end it as well! Bottom line, guns, not games, are the issue. If we want a safer America, we need Congress to take action and sign common-sense, evidence-based gun safety legislation. Our elected leaders need to do their jobs and stop pushing harmful rhetoric that inaccurately portrays the source of gun violence in America. Our lives are literally in their hands.”


Sep 26, 2019
Client :
Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Agency :
Juniper Park TBWA

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