Tom Brady Has Epic Toothbrushing Moves in Intel's Super Bowl Campaign

Brand Releases First Pre-Game Ad of the Season

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Jan 12, 2017

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Intel Corp. is kicking off its second Super Bowl appearance since 2010 and using Tom Brady to do it. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based technology company will air a 30-second spot starring the Patriots quarterback between the first and second quarters. The ad is the first pre-released Super Bowl spot of the season.

The commercial touts Intel's 360 replay technology which offers a full, 360-degree look at key moments in sports, by featuring could-be-epic actions like Mr. Brady yawning, brushing his teeth and eating pancakes off the floor as music swells off-camera. The 360-technology will also be used during Fox's broadcast for the second year in a row.

"We're not just marketing to the biggest TV audience, we're marketing and advertising the technology that connects to our brand story and promise," said Steve Fund, senior VP-chief marketing officer at Intel. "Intel makes amazing experiences possible and is directing people to look for that technology in the game itself ... Aligning ourselves with sports and a sports personality is a great way to bring to life this idea of performance," he said.

Intel worked with McGarryBowen on the campaign; a social endeavor that compiles user-generated videos will be handled internally and released by video on Feb. 5. A 30-second spot in Super Bowl LI is costing marketers around $5 million this year, according to reports.

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