McDonald's : Brand New Baby

Helping you through pregnancy and more.

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Mar 05, 2013

Editor's Pick

Google in the U.K. launches more of the same, heartwarming, human-first stories that it's known for. This time, it shows the role of its various products -- from mapping to Google Chat to Google Plus -- during the most tense of times, pregnancy.

As the guy-half of a couple goes to work while his partner is in the very last stages of her pregnancy, the film shows how the duo stay in touch throughout the day, using Google to update each other, search for ideas to induce labor or, in the case of man, calculate tuition fees for his offspring, and even poll friends on whether a record collection should be thrown out to make way for the new baby.

Of course, the company's shared location feature comes in handy right at the very end, when the contractions begin. The film is accompanied by a beautiful, lighthearted soundtrack that perfectly captures the mood of the situation: Tense, but ultimately happy. And because it's an ad, we know it's going to be alright at the end. And how could it not? Google's there.

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