Nursing Mothers, These 'Breastfeeding Stickers' Are Meant to Help You

Agency Boone Oakley Designs Campaign for Hospitals

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Jan 25, 2016
Breastfeeding Stickers

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They may look like a gimmick, but these stickers (modeled on those seen on fresh produce at supermarkets) could actually be a help to nursing moms.

Carrying a "100% natural" claim as well as another that reads "the best nutrition for your baby is you," they're designed for nursing moms to place on one breast as a memory aid, to remind them which breast to feed from next. They come in three different colors, with three different health messages about the benefits of breastfeeding in relation to obesity, SIDS and asthma.

Charlotte-based agency Boone Oakley created the stickers and an accompanying poster campaign pro bono and is offering them free to hospitals. The first to adopt them is Women and Babies Hospital, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

According to the agency, casting for the campaign was for non-professional models who were either pregnant or nursing. Anatomically, the goal was to show varied, full, and real-looking, not "perfect" breasts.

We're told that during the campaign's development, a "breast wall" was covered with about 100 photos. All of which had to be hastily removed, twice, for client visits.