Carlsberg's Vuvuzela Only Works If You're Not Drunk

Soccer Horn Is Re-Engineered As a Breathalyzer

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Jul 01, 2016

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The vuvuzela horn is an intermittent favorite at soccer games around the world -- beloved by many, intensely irritating to others. Now Carlsberg has brought it back to Euro 2016 as the tournament reaches the quarter finals, but there's a twist. Agency CP&B Scandinavia re-engineered the vuvuzlea so it multitasks as a breathalyzer. The so-called "Breathalyzela" will only play its notorious tune if the user's alcohol level is below the binge drinking limit.

Carlsberg has shipped some vuvuzelas to France to be used in the Euro fanzones, in the hope that their use will start a dialogue around responsible drinking -- as well as get the brand some extra sponsorship clout as the tournament reaches its final stages.