The Guardian Spices Up Christmas Dinner With Brexit-Themed Crackers

Specially Designed Range Contains EU Referendum Themed Toys and Jokes

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Dec 07, 2016
Brexit Christmas Crackers

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Get ready for Christmas dinner in the U.K. to be divisive. Brits' traditional holiday crackers been given a topical theme this year by The Guardian -- Brexit.

Created by McGarrybowen London, the crackers contain prizes themed around the EU referendum debate. For example, the toys inside include a yo-yoing pound and a toy Brexit bus adorned with promises to fund the NHS. The crackers also feature a miniature EU jigsaw, where you can piece together a map of the European Union and try and make the U.K. fit and a tiny book of Brexit plans, which purports to contain Britain's entire exit strategy.

Each cracker also contains a political joke -- for example: "Q. Why did Michael Gove leave his Christmas dinner? A. He didn't like Brussels."

The Guardian will be offering the crackers as competition prizes for readers and subscribers; you can apply at .

While we're guessing most Guardian readers are anti-Brexit, we reckon the crackers could spark some explosive conversations over the roast turkey this year as more Euroskeptic relatives pay a visit.