'Snowflakes' and 'binge gamers' wanted for the British Army

Class clowns and phone zombies get the hard sell from Karmarama

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Jan 04, 2019

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Though Americans may not like to admit it, the U.S. Army’s iconic Uncle Sam “I Want You” recruitment posters from World War I weren’t an original idea. They were based off posters created for the British Army by Lord Kitchener in 1914, when the U.K. entered the war. Now a new campaign for the British Army hearkens back to those original works with a new target audience--millennials and Gen Z.

A series of videos from Karmarama and directed by Johnny Green via Anonymous Content shines light on the perceived weakness of three young people. A supermarket clerk is too much of a perfectionist for her speed obsessed coworkers. An office prankster is chided for goofing off at work. A hardcore gamer is ridiculed for staying up all night to grind levels.


But interspersed with these vignettes are scenes of these same qualities yielding positive results in the army. Perfectionism makes for a perfect sniper. Jokes keep morale high. Night owls do well in around-the-clock situations.


A series of billboards recreates the Kitchener illustrations, calling out to “snowflakes,” “selfie addicts” and “phone zombies” as ideal candidates for jobs in the army.


Jan 04, 2019
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British Army
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