Sacha Baron Cohen Parodies Apple Product Launches to Promote 'The Brothers Grimsby'

'Our Engineers Have Worked Night and Day to Bring You Something We're Really Proud of'

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Mar 09, 2016

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To promote his new comedy "The Brothers Grimsby" (aka just "Grimsby" for its U.K. release), Sacha Baron Cohen stars in this spot-on parody of an Apple product launch. Released on Twitter, the short video hits on familiar Apple marketing elements: graceful typography, soundbites delivered against a stark white studio background, a reveal in an auditorium before a worshipful audience, etc.

The parody format gives Baron Cohen the opportunity to refamiliarize fans with his past comedic "products" -- Ali G, Borat and Bruno -- while setting the stage: "But hey, what's next? Well, our engineers have worked night and day to bring you something we're really proud of. We call it... The Nobby" (the character at the heart of "The Brothers Grimsby"). The cutting-edge product benefits Baron Cohen touts include the fact that The Nobby is "15% more idiotic than the Ali G."

The spoof calls to mind another clever take on Apple's marketing magic: the fun BBH Asia/Pacific had in promoting the "Book Book" for IKEA back in 2014.