Cardboard sports fan, this Bud Light's for you!

Wieden + Kennedy and director David Shane bring comedy to sports in lockdown

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Oct 15, 2020

Editor's Pick

It is a depressing sign of the times: Real sports fans everywhere are being replaced with cardboard cutouts inside stadiums as teams operate amid social-distancing restrictions. Now, Bud Light is having a little fun with the lifeless fan replacements.

In a new ad from Wieden+Kennedy New York, a cardboard cutout New York Giants fan becomes ambulatory, setting off an adventure in which he is scared out of the stadium by a real-life worker, gets stuck on a bus windshield, is trampled on by pedestrians, and nearly meets his fate on the way to a recycling plant before he falls off the truck in front of a loft apartment building—that happens to be the home of his real-life look-alike with whom he shares a Bud Light (one beer is real and one is cardboard).

David Shane of O Positive directed the spot, and somehow manages to bring real personality to the 2D baseball lover. It debuted today and will run on TV on Sunday during NFL games.