Constantly Losing Your Friends on Nights Out? Absolut Is Here to Help

New Buddy Check App Asks Users to Bump Phones

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Sep 19, 2014

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Everyone knows how to "check-in" on a night out, but how about doing a check-up? Swedish vodka brand Absolut thinks it has the answer to the age-old problem of what to do when a friend disappears on a night out (we're assuming drinking lots of vodka has nothing to do with it). Together with agency JMW, it's created an app called Buddy Check that aims to make sure friends don't get pointlessly separated for any number of reasons.

What's different about the app is that users need to actually bump their phones together rather than just text or call each other. At intervals during the night, all members of the group will have to complete random buddy checks where they will be forced to find each other, under time pressure, and bump phones. As an added incentive, they can score points for this. Absolut's branding is kept to a minimum on the app, which also encourages "safe" behavior tips for nights out, such as drinking plenty of water.


Sep 19, 2014
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Executive Creative Director :
Joakim Karlsson
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Samuel Garlov
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Anders Palsson
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Jonas Bottiger
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Nina Starco
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Bjorn Mellstrand
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Frost Digital
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Joakim Slattegard

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