Brooklyn Hipsters Look Ridiculous in This Budweiser Stunt

Beer Pulls One Over on Craft Brew Lovers

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Mar 18, 2015

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Brooklyn hipsters look pretty ridiculous in this stunt from Budweiser, launched in conjunction with NYC's 2015 Beer Week.

The brand set up cameras in a local bar, where the bartender offered patrons a sample of the featured brew, a "139-year-old recipe, American tradition, aged in Beechwood, nice, crisp, refreshing, fast finish." Of course, or at least the video suggests, they think they're drinking some fancy microbrew.

The film captures pubgoers savoring the brew and dishing out positive comments: "really really good," "this would be great on a 100-degree day," before the bartender reveals they're drinking Bud.

It's a fun spin on the taste test that reminds us to keep it real. Read Ken Wheaton's take on it on