Budweiser memorializes its role as John Carpenter's 'Halloween' wingman

Brew brand's holiday campaign recounts its involvement in one of the horror legend's films

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Oct 30, 2019

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While Budweiser is known as the “King of Beers,” a new campaign running in Brazil is hailing the brew as  the “King of Halloween,” for the role it played in the creation of one of the horror film genre’s most iconic franchises.

The creatives over at Brazilian agency Afrika dug into the brand’s history and discovered that Budweiser was wingman, of sorts, to legendary horror filmmaker and screenwriter John Carpenter. When Carpenter was writing “Halloween II,” what he called a “painful” process, he says he imbibed a six-pack of Budweiser every night to help him through it.

To pay homage to Carpenter and celebrate its involvement in that bit of horror history, Budweiser created this tribute film and tomorrow, is gathering fans in Brazil to watch an open-air prsentation of “Halloween II” at Sao Paulo’s Copan building.

But in order to score tickets to the event, consumers will have to go back in time, in a way. Tickets will only be provided to those who are able track down a VHS copy of “Halloween II,” available at the only video rental shop remaining in Sao Paulo.