Budweiser turned bar coasters into vinyl records to support underground rappers in Brazil

The collectibles are being distributed at bars and concerts, and you don’t even need a turntable to play them

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Mar 29, 2023
A Budweiser bar coaster that's actually a vinyl record being played on a turntable

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We’ve seen bar coasters printed to look like vinyl records, but Budweiser Brazil has made some that actually play on your record player—part of a new campaign from Wieden+Kennedy to support the country’s burgeoning rap scene.

The vinyl coasters were handed out to concert goers at Lollapalooza in São Paulo this past weekend, and will be distributed in bars in São Paulo and Curitiba in the coming weeks. They feature music from nine MCs from Brazil’s rap scene: Aori, Kamau, Stefanie, Estudante, Monna Brutal & MCharles, Negra Rê, Akira and Zudizilla.

The records also have Spotify codes for those who don’t have a turntable. The tagline is, “The stage is yours to take.”

A collection of Budweiser bar coaster that are actually little vinyl records

The project is a partnership between W+K’s São Paulo and New York offices. A rep at W+K São Paulo told Ad Age that they vinyls really do work as coasters—if you’re careful to place the beer in the middle and not scratch the grooves further out.

“Bud coasters are ubiquitous around the world and now they are taking on a new role, with new functionality,” said Felipe Ribeiro, chief creative officer at W+K São Paulo. “We are turning something seemingly insignificant into an important stage for underground artists.”

“Budweiser is the beer that supports music and the shared experience it provides to artists and the public,” added André Mota, a Budweiser Brazil executive. “We're turning a trivial item into a powerful spotlight as bright as Brazil’s new generation of rappers. That’s our mission here.”

A Budweiser bottle sitting on top of a turntable


Mar 29, 2023
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Wieden & Kennedy
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Humberto Cunha
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