Nissan Europe : Built to Thrill

A car that will put you to shame.

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Mar 12, 2012

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TBWA London communicates the energy of the sporty Nissan Juke with a spot that sees the vehicle attempting pretty much every daredevil stunt known to man. The Juke is assembled by a variety of people as it skydives, scuba dives and jumps ramps.

The European campaign includes an art installation that shows off the Juke as it is being assembled using a variety of sports equipment that inspired its design. A dune buggy and a motorbike are combined, while seats are made out of wetsuit material (perfect for those occasional dives your vehicle may decide to attempt.)

Daredevil cars seem to be all the rage. The Chevy Sonic campaign, out of Goodby, for example, emphasized the adventurousness of that car by making it bungee jump, and then skydive. And where is everybody getting their inspiration? Why, skydiving cars have been all over YouTube for years now.


Mar 13, 2012
Brand :
Nissan Europe
Client :
Nissan Europe
Agency :
Agency :
Agency :
Creative Director :
Alasdhair MacGregor-Hastie
Creative :
Fabio Abram
Creative :
Braulio Kuwabara
TV Producer :
Maxime Boiron
Production :
Henry de Czar
Director :
Lieven van Baelen
Director, Photography :
Nicolas Karakatsanis
Executive Producer :
Jean Ozannat
Line Producer :
Louis Saint-Calbre
Effects :
Executive Visual Effects Producer :
Jean-Lin Roig
Visual Effects Producer :
Christophe Huchet
Visual Effects Supervisor :
Antoine Carlon
Visual Effects Supervisor :
Antoine Carlon
Visual Effects Supervisor :
Laurent Creusot
Head of 3D Studio, Commercials :
Julien Meesters
Producer :
Benoit Dunaigre
production and sound design :
Composer :
The Horrors
Publishing House :
Label :
Art Buyer/Producer :
Louise Cripps
Art Buyer/Producer :
Claire Delafons
Art Buyer/Producer :
Trudy Waldron
Photographer :
Luke Kirwan
Set Designer :
Lyndsay Milne
Set Builder :
Andy Knight

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