Apple Has a (Multiple) Lightbulb Moment in Spot for MacBook Pro

An Operatic Tribute to Human Invention

Published On
Nov 17, 2016

Editor's Pick

Apple's new spot for the MacBook Pro is a fast-paced gallop through the history of invention, accompanied by multiple exploding lightbulbs.

Set to the "Overture from William Tell," the spot highlights some of the most groundbreaking human creations, from fire, the wheel and the plough, through to toilet paper, glasses, zippers, airplanes, TVs, rockets and robots. These are interspersed with shots of a line of lightbulbs, extending all around a town, exploding one by one.

The spot ends with the tagline "ideas push the world forward" and introduces the MacBook Pro as "a tool for all the ideas to come" as see someone with a finger on its Touch Bar feature.