Manly Men Plus Minimal Boat-Building Skills Plus Lots of Rum Equals ... Success?

Er, Maybe, Maybe Not. Watch This Bundaberg Rum Ad to Find Out

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Sep 23, 2014

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This comically macho and energetic ad for Australian rum brand Bundaberg is set on a desert island, where a bunch of manly men attempt to build an impressive-looking boat. They sing a stirring song as they go about their work, and when the new vessel -- containing precious caskets of Bundaberg -- is launched into the sea, the men chant optimistically, "Our sails are filled with wind and pride." But the boat sinks instantly, and the song finishes with the line, "At least we tried." Luckily the men have plenty of Bundaberg to console them, in this spot from Leo Burnett Sydney, directed by Ulf Johnasson through Smith & Jones Films.


Sep 23, 2014
Bundaberg Rum
Bundaberg Rum
Leo Burnett-Sydney
Ulf Johnasson
Production Company:
Smith & Jones Films
Executive Producer:
Philippa Smith
Production Manager:
Natalie Isaac
1st Assistant Director:
Rod Blishen
Director, Photography:
Andrzej Sekula
Production Director:
Steve Smithwick
Costume Designer:
Zelda Sellars

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