Burberry's dancers encounter a mysterious alien in a new balletic epic

Latest ad directed by Megaforce adds a sci-fi slant to the series

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Oct 06, 2022

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Having won plaudits for its first two films featuring a balletic troupe of dancers, Festive and Open Spaces, Burberry is back with a third in the series, this time with a sci-fi slant.

Once again helmed by the directorial collective Megaforce via RiffRaff Films, the new film starts with a group of Burberry-clad young people on a London night bus discussing their night out at the movies. Suddenly the bus stops and on getting out they find the streets overtaken by an enormous alien creature with what looks like steel tentacles.

The alien reaches out and lifts the dancers into the air, where they perform some breathtaking sequences, interacting with its tentacles and at one point, looking up into its "face" in a "Close Encounters"-type moment. It concludes with the dancers reclining on the River Thames aboard the creature, which seems to have morphed into an aquatic craft.

The whole effect is as mesmerizing as ever, with incredible craft from the production team.

In a statement, the directors said that while "Festive" was about "resilience and facing adversity," and Open Spaces was about the  "‘joy of freedom," this year they wanted "to express the bold attitude that it takes to dive into the unknown: the fearless and playful spirit of adventure.”

(An alternative reading from a U.K. perspective: the first spot referenced Covid-19, the second, the end of the pandemic, and the third -- diving into the unknown with an alien force --- could reflect the current political and economic situation in  post-Elizabethan Britain.)



Oct 06, 2022
Client :
Agency :
Burberry In-House
Agency :
Riff Raff Films
Production :
Riff Raff Films
Creative and Direction :
Executive Producer/Account Manager :
Matthew Fone
Producer :
James Waters
Producer :
Tracey Cooper
Production Manager :
Davina Abrahams
Production Assistant :
Patch Wadsworth
Production Assistant :
Ellie De Rose
Casting Director :
Kharmel Cochrane Casting
Casting Director :
Nohmad Casting
Talent :
Alanna Archibald
Talent :
Joshua Burnett-B
Talent :
Nonoka Kato
1st AD :
Chris Kelly
Director of Photography :
Mauro Chiarello
Gaffer :
Jonny Franklin
Production Designer :
Andy Kelly
Art Director :
Ashley Dando
Location Manager :
Carl Fairall
Location Manager :
Salt Films
Wire Supervisor :
Max Schofield
Editor :
Rich Orrick
Edit Assistant :
Rain Keene
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Charlie Dalton
Alex Lovejoy
VFX Supervisor / Lead CG :
Will Laban
Animation Lead :
Marion Strunck
Senior VFX Producer :
Grace Thorpe
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Saskia Delius
Colorist :
Emiliano Serantoni
Colorist :
Maruf Khan
Sound Design & Mix :
Sam Ashwell
Sound Design & Mix :
Jake Ashwell
Audio Post Producer :
Olivia Ray
Written by :
Guillaume Humery
Chief Executive Officer :
Jonathan Akeroyd
Chief Marketing Officer :
Rod Manley
Director of Image :
Al Watts
Senior Art Director :
Sean Bell
Art Director :
Harry Bradbury
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Will Preston-George
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Saoirse Sadeghian-Naini
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Amy Sweeney
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Lead Project Manager :
Iqrab Habib
Director of Project Management :
Nicole Cobble
Head of Post Production :
Luke Stazaker
Senior Music Manager :
Morell Maison
Music Manager :
Stephen Newell

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