Burger King sends its delivery orders to McDonald's territory in latest stunt

Outdoor ads in Finland encourage people to set their pickup point outside the Golden Arches

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Jul 01, 2020

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Burger King is forging its way into McDonald's territory in Helsinki, Finland with its latest delivery stunt.

The fast food chain has fewer restaurants there than its competitor, so it's now making the most of Golden Arches territory. Its Finland local operation linked up with a food delivery and takeout app Wolt to offer free BK delivery if consumers set their pickup point for just outside a McDonald's. Outdoor ads, with wording such as "Sometimes you just want a Whopper instead" are flagging the locations near the McDonald's restaurants. There's also a social media element to the campaign, where influencers are sharing their reactions to the free delivery. 

The campaign has echoes of the brand's award-winning Whopper Detour campaign by FCB, which offered customers one cent Whoppers if they ordered them near a McDonald's on its app. 

“Nearly every district in Helsinki has a McDonald’s restaurant," says Brand Manager Kaisa Kasila. "Sadly Burger King is not quite as common. We feel for the Whopper-less city dwellers of these regions. We know how it feels like to yearn for the taste of our juicy flame-grilled burgers. But lucky for them, there’s an easy fix." Credit for the project goes to BK Finland, which would not say whether it worked with an agency. 

According to Kasila, McDonald's has yet to respond to the in-house campaign, which started two days ago and ends today. "We are waiting," she says.