Burger King put actual-size product shots on latest billboards

We Believers campaign in Mexico has enormous headlines next to real-size product shots

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May 23, 2024

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Burger King’s Mega Stacker burgers are piled impressively high. So the chain has been printing photos of the product at actual size for billboards in Mexico.

The campaign is from agency We Believers. The fun part here is that the burgers can look a little small in the middle of all that giant billboard space (even if, close up, they do look pretty big for a burger). So, the agency printed the headlines in huge type, to reinforce the concept of immensity.

“They emphasize how large the new Mega Stackers are in a very authentic way,” Gustavo Lauria, creative chief at We Believers, told Ad Age. “What I like about it is its simplicity yet powerful impact.”

There are 95 billboards spread around the country. 

This is the second interesting out-of-home campaign from We Believers in recent weeks, following the Corona Extra billboards that featured the brand logo on top of $100 stock images of the sun setting over the ocean.

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