Burger King's creepy Halloween stunt invites you to summon Ronald McDonald like he's Bloody Mary

Campaign by Ingo plays on the mirror legend in BK bathrooms—and a spook will really appear

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Oct 27, 2020

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Burger King's latest Halloween stunt comes from Sweden, where it's continuing what's become something of a tradition of trolling Ronald McDonald for being a "scary clown."

This creepy campaign is by Ingo, the Stockholm agency partly responsible for Burger King's award-winning Moldy Whopper. It centers on the "Bloody Mary" game, which says that if people say the former queen of England Mary Tudor's nickname three times in front of a mirror, her ghost will appear. (The legend has been a popular teenage party game since the 1960s, cropping up in culture like the "X-Files" and "Paranormal Activity" as well as chain letters.)

A teaser video, released on social media, encourages people to go into the restrooms at Burger King restaurants across Sweden and Denmark and say the words "canceled clown" three times to summon the spirit of Ronald McDonald. What the customers don't know is that, at certain restaurants in cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Copenhagen, a "smart mirror" with voice recognition has been installed in the restrooms. If it hears the words, the lights go off and triggers sounds and visual effects. Customers to dare to "summon the clown" and endure the spooky experience will be rewarded with a treat. 

The mirrors are staying up between now and Halloween—and Burger King is being "deliberately vague" about their locations in order not to spoil the surprise, says the agency. 




Oct 27, 2020
Client :
Burger King (Sweden)
Agency :
Bjorn Stahl
Art Director :
Max Hultberg
Copywriter :
Magnus Ivansson
Planner :
Simon Stefansson
Creative Technologist :
Stefan Kindgren
Account Manager :
Anna Baker
Account Executive :
Richard Allstrin
Marketing Manager :
Daniel Schröder
Marketing Communication and Media Manager :
Gabriella Bartlett
VD :
Iwo Zakowski
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PR :
Frida Nordström
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Filip Enochson
Amplify 360 :
Verizon Media
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Susanne Persson
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Anna Taussi

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