Burger King targets gamers with deliberate 'glitches' in its app (and burgers)

Promotional campaign for Brazilian market rewards people who spot the bugs

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May 10, 2022

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Burger King is targeting gamers in its latest campaign from Brazil, which rewards people who spot deliberate "glitches" placed into its app.

In a campaign by David's Sao Paulo office, once a day, "buggy" offers are released to whoever is logged into the app, and the brand is encouraging users to share the glitches they find. Those who repost on social media using the hashtag "#BugKing" will get a discount coupon offering up to 40% off.

The promotion is supported by a spot that highlights common gaming glitches that gamers are all too familiar with. In addition, Burger King’s social channels are being altered with “Burger Glitch” communications, interactions and buggy elements. In restaurants, self-service kiosks display the glitchy graphics, and the brand has even produced “glitched versions” of the Whopper in some stores, sending some to well-known game streamers. The Whopper "glitches" include, for example, adding too many patties or nuggets and potatoes inside the sandwich.

“We want to have a much closer dialogue with our fans, and to do that, we consider the connection points between young people and our brand," explained Juliana Cury, director of marketing & innovation at Burger King Brazil, in a statement. 

“We want to approach gamers the Burger King way," added Rogério Chaves, creative director at David. "Celebrating the imperfections of the world, laughing at mistakes, embracing the uproar."