Burger King says it misses your annoying habits

Buzzman's latest campaign for France playfully welcomes customers back (while poking fun at them)

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Jun 10, 2021

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Burger King is welcoming customers back to indoor dining in its French and Belgian restaurants with a playful spot that claims it missed even their bad habits.

These include; kids throwing food, indecisive ordering, trying to pay with a bunch of small change, lousy parking or (in perhaps the most grievous example) hogging the Wi-Fi for hours on your laptop while picking your nose. 

The ad, by Buzzman, was directed by Cloe Bailly of Caviar. It's running on TV and social media, alongside a scratchcard contest in which customers can win gifts such as a scooter or a trip or a free Whopper by ordering on the chain's mobile app.


Jun 10, 2021
Client :
Burger King (France)
Agency :
Marketing Director :
Alexandre Simon
Product Marketing Officer :
Carole Rousseau
Media Officer :
Erinna Beaudron
Project Marketing Manager :
Gabrielle Nguyen
Project Marketing Manager :
Clarence Zidouhia
Junior Project Marketing Manager :
Lila Thumerelle
Kevin Derycke
Marketing Director :
Dirk Lammens
Marketing Manager :
Vic Dresen
Junior Brand Manager :
Sofie Couck
President and Executive Creative Director :
Georges Mohammed-Cherif
Vice – President :
Thomas Granger
Managing Director :
Julien Levilain
Creative Director :
Tristan Daltroff
Creative Director :
Louis Audard
Art Director :
Louis Audard
Copywriter :
Tristan Daltroff
Art Director Assistant :
Vincent Tavernier
Business Director :
Loic Coelho
Account Director :
Xavier Devaux-Landragin
Account Manager :
Garance Magaud
Account Manager :
Fany Maupou
Account Manager :
Quentin Seguret
Account Executive :
Théophile Geslain
Account Executive Assistant :
Romane Bourdier
Head of Social Media :
Julien Scaglione
Social Media Consultant :
Félix Brunot
Social Media Consultant :
Arnaud Cherbonnier
Social Media Consultant :
Paul Gosset
Head of PR & Communication :
Amélie Juillet
PR & Communication Manager :
Paul Renaudineau
Head of TV Production :
Vanessa Barbel
TV Production :
Ayman Jaroudi
TV Production :
Katya Violi
Lead Motion Designer :
Théo Berdrin
Production :
Director :
Cloé Bailly
Producer :
Florence Jacob
Post Production :
Sound Production :

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