Burger King's The King Finally Breaks His Silence -- With Sign Language

Royal Mascot Asks Fans to Create Official ASL Sign for the Whopper

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Apr 13, 2016

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Burger King's The King, known for his big plastic face that has never emitted as much as peep, finally breaks his silence in the fast feeder's latest ads. But here's the catch: he does it in sign language.

To honor the 199th anniversary of National American Sign Language Day on April 15, the King shows off his ASL fluency in a pair of films created out of David Miami.

One running online features no sound while showing the King reaching out to BK's deaf fans at a restaurant whose signage, logo and all, has been translated to ASL. He "speaks" to customers through sign language and asks for their advice on what the official sign for the Whopper should be. The video encourages fans can submit their own ideas for the Whopper's ASL gesture to @BurgerKing with the tag #WhopperSign

Another spot is a more typical ad promoting Burger King's grilled hot dogs, but the King appears in the corner signing all the spot's dialogue.

"The Burger King brand is built not only on including everyone, but celebrating everyone," said Fernando Machado, Burger King's senior vice president of global brand management in a statement. "National ASL Day felt like a perfect opportunity for the King to extend our brand mantra and engage with the ASL community on such a great day."

As part of the effort, the Burger King McLamore Foundation will create a scholarship for students who have dedicated their studies to ASL.


Apr 13, 2016
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