The Whopper now has a Twitter account

And its also on Instagram! Oddly, it all coincides with the debut of Burger King's 'Ch'King' sandwich

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Jun 03, 2021

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Since July of 2010, Burger King has been sharing messages on Twitter, but curiously, its star product, the Whopper, has begun to tweet from its own new account.

The Whopper’s first message, which appeared on June 1, said nothing about its flame-grilled beef, pillowy sesame seed bun, creamy mayo or juicy tomatoes. Rather, it was a possibly green-eyed question about another BK menu item that made its debut today, the “Ch’King” chicken sandwich. 

"What’s all this hoopla about the #ChKing?" it read. 

what’s all this hoopla about the #ChKing?

— The Whopper® (@therealwhopper) June 1, 2021


Burger King introduced its entry into the chicken sandwich with a bizarre, nightmarish spot featuring a voiceover from Paul Giamatti and starring the King worrying about the buzz building over the new offering—a potential threat to the brand’s more famous Whopper.

The new Whopper Twitter account seems to reflect that same paranoia. (The account has yet to be Twitter-verified, but it counts among its 300+ followers Burger King—which at press time, happened to be the only account that the Whopper is following.)

Check out more of the Whopper tweets so far below:


just because some “really good” chicken sandwich comes along you think you’re no longer the home of me?

— The Whopper® (@therealwhopper) June 1, 2021


— The Whopper® (@therealwhopper) June 1, 2021

But wait—there's more!

We just discovered the Whopper is on Instagram too (again, making some chicken sandwich-y comments). 



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