Not Having DirecTV Will Get Your Dad Punched in the Gut

Grey NY Returns With Trio of New 'Cable Effects' Spots

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Jan 08, 2014

Editor's Pick

It's hard to believe that this campaign is still funny, two years after it was first introduced, but somehow, Grey manages to pull it off. DirecTV's "Cable Effects" campaign, which chronicles the hyper-quick, unexpected downfall of people who just aren't smart enough to switch over to that cable provider, has in the past featured Charlie Sheen, and been named by Bill Clinton as one of his favorite campaigns.

Now, a new trio of spots operating on the same premise continue the legacy. Our favorite is probably the tale of the man who wants to feel free after being on hold with his cable company, and so goes on a hang gliding adventure that gets his old man socked hard in the gut, but the other two, featuring an island getaway gone wrong and an escaped gorilla, also are giggle-worthy. (See them all on the right.)