California Pizza Kitchen makes people's heads explode with cauliflower clouds

Fast casual chain rings in its veggie crust in campaign from Made

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Oct 10, 2019

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Cauliflower is not the sort of food you’d expect folks to go bonkers over. But California Pizza Kitchen attempts to shift that notion in a quirky new campaign from Made. 

The effort aims to convey just how delicious the brand’s cauliflower crust pizza is--by showing people’s minds literally blowing up into whimsical cauliflower-shaped clouds. The simple but arresting visual device efficiently communicates the message in online video, out of home and social assets. Directed by Hungry Man’s Dave Laden, the spot’s sharp art direction, quirky casting and catchy track also help to make the work standout in a category known for generic value messaging and stock-looking scenes of customers chowing down. Those details also give a fresh, modern vibe to a brand that's been around since 1985. 

“With this campaign, we wanted to shine a light on a product our guests love, with work that looks very different from what you’d typically find in the category,” said CPK Global CMO Scott Hargrove in a statement. 

“It’s not different for different’s sake,” added Made CCO Dave Schiff. “It’s all about a bite of killer pizza. Even the creative device itself, the explosion of a blown mind, is telling an ingredient story. And the reactions aren’t the normal bite-and-smile. These people are happily freaked out by what they’re tasting.”

CPK has featured cauliflower crust on its menu since January 2018. Made started working with CPK in April 2018 and are also involved in helping to shape the brand’s marketing strategy and positioning. 

CPK Mind Blown

CPK Mind Blown 2


Oct 10, 2019
Client :
California Pizza Kitchen
Agency :
Director :
Dave Laden
Production Company :
Hungry Man

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