Pick of the Day: Yoplait's Hotline Gives Mom-Shamers a Safe Place to Get Out Their Aggression

'Mom On' Campaign From 72andSunny Continues to Celebrate Parenting as Mothers See Fit

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Nov 09, 2017

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Yoplait is putting mom-shamers in their place with the next phase of its "Mom On" campaign, which celebrates mothers' decision to parent as they see fit--with no judgment. At the heart of the new effort is a tip line for people with opinions on how others should raise their kids (1-833-MOM-TIPS).

Mixing the dry tone of a typical phone hotline with equally dry humor, it offers itself up as a hotline for parent complainers, featuring options on topics such as nursing, dedication to motherhood, social media behavior, setting completely unrealistic standards and career or other life choices. Little do shamers know, however, that's it's pretty much an invitation to call center hell--the voice on the line merely leads them into a button-pushing labyrinth, with no real ear on the other end to digest their grousing.

A video explaining the concept, seen above, features a mock spokeswoman in the tip line call center, along with awkward moments that might be familiar to some parents: a woman dining at a restaurant sans kids gives a nasty look when a nearby child throws a tantrum; a guy tries to correct how a mom breastfeeds.

"That's right, here at Yoplait we're opening our ears to your unsolicited advice," the spokeswoman says, "so mom doesn't have to."

Perhaps surprisingly, the video and other assets don't feature Yoplait products. The General Mills brand has yogurts aimed at women, such as Yoplait Light, as well as products meant for kids, including Go-Gurt.

"One of the key experiences of motherhood is judgment and shaming" and Yoplait wanted to show moms' support, Justine Armour, group creative director at 72andSunny, said when the broader campaign broke in June. "It felt like a good conversation to be having."

The video begins appearing Thursday online and on Yoplait's social channels. Posters being hung in parts of New York City promote the hotline. So do mom t-shirts and a onesie for a young child, which includes the lines "How's my mom doing?" the number, and "Call now to let her know!"

The campaign comes from 72andSunny New York, in partnership with Mindshare and Fast Horse.