AICP : Call for Entries 2014-Ted Royer

Gerry Graf, Tiffany Rolfe and Ted Royer on the Things That Really Matter in Advertising

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Feb 25, 2014

Editor's Pick

It's that time of the year again? Industry awards season is right around the corner and calls for entries to the various shows are going out. including these hilarious videos from the Association of Independent Commercial Producers. They feature creative leaders from some of the industry's top shops: Gerry Graf, founder and creative chairman of Barton F. Graf 9000 and this year's AICP Next Chair, Tiffany Rolfe, Partner, Chief Content Officer at Co: Collective and Droga5 New York Chief Creative Officer Ted Royer.

The films were conceived out of VCU Brand Center and directed by Radical Media's Stephen Pearson. In each, the creative vets look back on (their) golden years of advertising, when perks were aplenty: bonuses came in the form of Porsche Boxters, flights were all first class, people partied with David LaChapelle and mountains of cocaine spilled off desks. But now that we're in the lean years, they realize that what they value now are the lasting achievements of the job -- like being honored at the New York Museum of Modern Art --where all AICP awarded work is memorialized.

This year's deadline for entries is March 7, 2014.