You Can Use Cans to Pay for Big Macs in Sweden

DDB Stockholm Behind McDonald's Green Effort

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Aug 26, 2014
The Can Currency

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Hungry teens and young adults enjoying the parks and summer concerts in Stockholm -- but short on cash -- scored with this campaign for McDonald's out of DDB Stockholm. The fast feeder decided to make life a little easier for them by accepting a new kind of currency at the chain -- cans, alongside the usual cash and credit.

A local billboard annou nced that the Golden Arches would accept "cards, cash and cans." Attached to it was a roll of black plastic bags, each printed with a custom price list: one recycled can is worth 1 Krona (i.e. $ 0.14), and customers with 10 cans could buy a hamburger, those with 20 could purchase a cheeseburger and big spenders with 40 cans could spring for a Big Mac.

The campaign began running during Swedish music festival "Storsjoyran" and will be traveling to other festivals throughout the year and next summer.

The cans as currency concept is reminiscent of "Plastics Make it Possible" -- a 2013 New York Fashion Week idea from eco-fashion designer Allison Parris and the American Chemistry Council, in which a vending machine accepted plastic bottles as currency for limited-edition T-shirts.