This Eye-Opening Film Puts You in the Shoes of an Autistic Person Facing Job Interviews

Actor Max Green Helps to Show Viewer the Anxiety of the Experience

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Oct 27, 2016

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Charity campaigns and PSAs are increasingly using film to put the viewer in the shoes of someone suffering from a disability or from discrimation -- using 360 degree video, virtual reality, or, filming and portraying the world from that person's POV in order to gain empathy and understanding.

It's the latter that used here, in a campaign for the U.K.'s National Autistic Society (which earlier this year ran a virtual reality project letting people people experience what it's like to be autistic in a shopping mall.) Its new campaign shows what it's like to be autistic in a job interview situation.

Autistic actor Max Green plays the protagonist, who becomes increasingly overwhelmed by anxiety and uncertainty about what's being asked of him in interviews. But we mainly see the action from his POV, as he faces various different interviewers and we see his thoughts and anxieties projected on the screen, as well as how he's distracted by the bright lights and sounds of the office. "I'm not unemployable, I'm autistic," he despairs at the end, having run out of the final interview upset.

The film was developed by agency Don't Panic in collaboration with the autistic community and is designed to give viewers a greater understanding of what autism looks and feels like and how difficult the job interview process can be for autistic people. According to the National Autistic Society, only 16% of autistic people in the U.K. work full-time.