Procter & Gamble : Capital Clean Up

P&G brands spruce up London

Published On
Mar 12, 2012

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Procter & Gamble is linking with London's Mayor, Boris Johnson, on a series of branded events to 'clean up the UK's capital' ahead of this summer's Olympic Games. The campaign is part of P&G's 10-year global partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The multi-brand campaign includes 'Flash Art', which sees the Flash brand link with a collective of the artists who will be dedicating around 150 hours to artistically clean dirt and dust off some of London's most prominent surfaces. Ariel is launching the Clean London App, which allows users to report stains and grime and show how they've helped to clean London. Febreze is meanwhile working with landscape gardeners to transform some of London's community areas into 'Febreze Fresh Havens'.