Capital One Illustrates a Soccer Star's Journey on the Walls of His Childhood Neighborhood

Campaign Shows How the Right Support Can Make a Difference

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Feb 10, 2016

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In this Capital One film about soccer player Nathaniel Clyne, the walls of the tough South London estates that Clyne grew up in are brought to life by local artists and animators to tell his life inspirational story.

The film is part of a new U.K. online campaign highlighting how, just as the right support can make all the difference to young players' lives, so can the right support from your bank. Two further films profile another two players, both illlustrated by different filmmaking techniques. A film about Ross Barkley shows only his legs and feet until the very end, as we hear how he overcame childhood poverty and injury to become a top player with the help of his mother. Meanwhile a moving film about Fran Kirby uses the dark and rainy British weather to mirror her emotional turmoil as she explains how, with her Dad's help, she overcame the death of her mother and subsequent depression to go on and play for England.

Greg Hardes and Jacob Proud of Unit9 Films directed the campaign, which saw all three films shot back to back over six days.