In the UAE, Coke Turns Bottle Caps into Currency That Can Be Used to Phone Home

Y&R Reaches Out to Marginalized Group

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May 07, 2014

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Coke reaches out to migrant workers -- again (and again) -- with yet another feel-good stunt. This time, it takes place in the United Arab Emirates, where there are many blue-collar workers hailing mostly from South Asia. These workers are often the poorest in the country, and live apart from their families for many months. Often, the only way they keep in touch is by calling home -- not always cheap, since rates can be as high as $0.91 a minute.

To help them out, Y&R Dubai turned Coke bottle caps into a "currency" that could be used in a special booth that accepted those caps so you could make three-minute international calls. The booths were installed at labour camps where the workers live.