This Renault Cuts Out If You Have a Row While Driving

Swedish Stunt for Renault Megane Analyzes Your Audio

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Apr 12, 2016

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In a stunt to promote the new Renault Megane in Sweden, agency Edelman Deportivo equipped a test car with a "love indicator" -- a device that listens to a couple's conversation and cuts the engine if it stops or becomes less friendly.

The car was fitted with a small single board computer with a sound card and a microphone, and was calibrated so that the system recognized what "a normal conversation" for the couple sounded like. The audio ran through various filters to determine changes in sound -- for example, if the couple starts to talk too loudly to each other, or not talk at all, or if the frequency range is too much outside the calibrated range. If that happened, the car would stop.

Aside from the ones shown on this social media film, cars with love indicators really are available for customers to test drive at certain reseller -- you can book one on the website. Those ones, though, emit a noise when the conversation changes rather than stopping the car outright -- which might be something of a hazard on a public road.

The idea is to promote the car as a conversational vehicle -- Renault-commissioned research shows that the main reasons why relationships end in Sweden are outgrowing each other and lack of communication. Just don't have a conversation about directions, OK?