This holiday ad takes a family through 60 years of Christmas rituals—and the same old dad joke

Poignant film by Publicis for French grocer Carrefour carefully recreates the decades

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Dec 03, 2019

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It seems U.K. grocers aren't the only ones channeling nostalgia this year in their holiday fare. With Sainsbury's celebrating 150 years with a Dickensian epic, and Tesco marking its centenary with a time-traveling delivery driver, across the channel French supermarket Carrefour has released an ad centered around its 60-year anniversary. 

Starting in the 1960s, and set to Françoise Hardy's song "Gli Altri" from that era, it shows the same family celebrating Christmas year after year and painstakingly recreates the changing fashions, furnishings, foods, gifts, and societal norms over the time period.

We start with a nuclear family with kids watching a black-and-white TV as the pregnant mom serves dinner. Over the years, their meal gets grander, the family expands and becomes more diverse, people argue and make up—but the father always makes the same "dad joke," asking what everyone else is going to eat when the meal comes to the table. The final Christmas dinner in the spot shows the young wife now an older matriarch looking at the empty seat once occupied by her husband, and the family realizes their patriarch is no longer than to deliver his signature line. But then, a grandchild comes to the rescue. 

The ad is by Publicis France and was directed by Thierry Poiraud via Insurrection. It's one of a number of spots we've seen recently recreating changing life through the decades, including Renault Clio's same-sex love story across three decades, via sister agency Publicis Poke. 


Dec 03, 2019
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