Funny Political Couple Gerald and Charlyn Daugherty Return -- in an Ad for Another Politician

The Duo Reappaers in Spot for California Congressional Hopeful Casey Lucius

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Nov 03, 2016

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Gerald Daugherty, the Texas county commissioner who won the internet with his very funny re-election ad, may have to consider a new career -- as a TV star.

He and his equally funny wife Charlyn are now starring in a new hilarious election spot -- but one for a different politician, California's Casey Lucius, a Republican candidate for congress. The pair have reprised their roles as a policy-obsessed politician and exasperated wife of a policy-obsessed politician. But this time, we find them in a support group for other couples in a policy wonk spouse support group, helping to reassure Casey, and her husband Bob, that it will be ok (or maybe not).

Chad Crow, co-founder of Austin, Texas-based KC Strategies, which conceived both Daugherty and Lucius' ads, said that this "sequel" was unplanned. One of Lucius' friends who lives down the street from Daugherty thought the two politicians were " kindred spirits" and put them in touch with each other. "After a few conversations, she asked about doing an ad together, then called us and asked if we would produce it," he said. "The whole idea of a congressional candidate in California asking a Texas county commissioner to cameo in her ad is hilarious, so how could we say no?"

With just days before the election, the production took "a whirlwind 72 hours," he explained. The Luciuses arrived in Texas on Tuesday, the spot was shot and edited through the night and the final product went live on Facebook and YouTube this morning.

"From a marketing point of view, I think it's got a nice dual purpose," Mr. Crow said. "For those who saw the first ad, this is kind of a "Part 2," but we didn't want to be too obvious since it's Casey's ad and designed to help her first and foremost. So we didn't caption Gerald and Charlyn, but we did use the same background music, font style on captions, etc. For people who get it, I hope it'll be funny, but for people who don't, I think it's also a great stand-alone ad for Casey. That was kind of the goal of the project -- it's got to be an effective ad for her first, but if it can keep the ball rolling on this Gerald/Charlyn thing, that's the icing on the cake."


Nov 03, 2016
Casey Lucius
Casey Lucius
KC Strategies-Austin, Texas
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Steve Mims Films

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