Watch Volvo Punk a Parking Valet on His First Day on the Job

Forsman & Bodenfors Follow 'Epic Split' With Stunt Filmed on the Italian Riviera

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Sep 24, 2014

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Volvo Trucks and Forsman & Bodenfors (riding a wave of cool following their much-awarded "Epic Split") keep trucks hip and happening in this new film shot on the Italian Riviera. Directed by Smuggler's Henry Alex Rubin, it's an undercover stunt following a parking valet (a real guy named Ambrogio Adani) at a glitzy casino on his first day on the job. He parks sports car after sports car, until finally a massive Volvo truck pulls up. As its owner gets out, hands over his keys and heads up the casino steps, leaving the poor valet looking shell-shocked, the tagline appears: "Under the hood, it's a sports car."

You can see more about the filming in a behind-the-scenes video which reveals that all the cars in the film and even the paparazzi were fake. "We wanted to see the parking valet's reaction when he's asked to park a large truck. What will he do? Will he try to park it?" asks Rubin (who directed previous Volvo Trucks short "The Ballerina Stunt"). He doesn't, but his expression is hilarious all the same.