Cute Kids Experience Life's Big Firsts in Chevrolet's Ad Aimed at Chinese Parents

Wearable Cameras Recorded Funny and Sweet Moments in the Lives of Ordinary Children

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Feb 16, 2017

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Chevrolet retired its Cavalier in 2005, but it resurrected the name last year for a new sedan for China, the world's largest car market. Young families are the target buyers for the model, which starts at around $11,600.

"Having a newborn baby is the main reason why people purchase their first car," said Maurice Fang, executive creative director at McCann Shanghai's SGM Works. And that's one reason why Cavalier's advertising campaigns have focused on babies and young children.

A new commercial for the brand captures real children's big firsts, like jumping into a pool or going onstage at a show at school. It's fun to see their raw reactions to things -- one kid gets freaked out by a llama at the zoo. Chevrolet partnered with Babytree, a Chinese parenting online platform, and offered 100 families in 19 cities wearable cameras to record their kids with. The cameras captured life from both the parents' perspective, and the kids'.

The commercial ran on China's state broadcaster, CCTV, on the Lantern Festival, which wraps up the Lunar New Year and which is marked by children making lanterns and eating sweet glutinous rice balls.

McCann's first campaign for the car a few months ago showed how unexpected everything is about having a new baby, from giving birth to seeing your parents fall in love with your baby. This time the ad focuses on how unexpected everything is for the kid, too. "Chevrolet Cavalier, love the unexpectedness that we bring you," is the tagline. (The idea is that the car has unexpected touches like low fuel consumption and a big back seat for the family.) The model is made by SAIC General Motors, a joint venture between Chinese carmaker SAIC and GM that has run for two decades.