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Last year, Armstrong declared war on ugly popcorn ceilings and enlisted LEAP Amp to join the fight

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Sep 30, 2020


Armstrong wanted homeowners to know their ugly popcorn ceilings can be fixed.

Our mission was clear — build awareness. Ceilings aren’t what typically come to mind when you think of a consumer packaged good (CPG). But Armstrong ceilings aren't exactly CPGs. And like others, to move boxes off the shelves, they have to convince consumers that the product solves a need. In this case, that solution is a low effort, low cost and low mess way to cover up what is commonly considered an eyesore and thorn in the side of many homeowners: popcorn ceilings.

Armstrong was offering an effective solution for a real consumer need. The problem was most of our target consumers (40+ year old male and other DIY’ers) had no idea this solution existed. Worse, most weren’t looking for one.

Our discovery led us to understand Armstrong’s target audience was looking for house solutions on YouTube. We created two 30-second videos to play as pre-roll on ads for two different campaigns.

Each video featured a quirky, everyman character “fixing” a problem by covering it up, then applying the same logic to their popcorn ceilings. We were able to target these videos to not only those that were searching for DIY solutions on YouTube, but also to Armstrong’s target markets.

No matter how fun or effective the message is, it can only work if seen. To get the videos seen, we integrated a targeted approach to amplifying its reach through paid search, social media and influencer networks. These branded, awareness-building messages were placed on, the web companion to the popular TV show. This site was ideal for grabbing the attention of our target audience while in a DIY mindset.

Key influencers also helped promote these videos, giving Armstrong credibility in the décor and inspiration category with an expanded audience consisting of males and females 35+.

That market also listened to the radio. We created a 30-second radio ad that played in their target locations.

Overall, Armstrong saw 1.5 million impressions, 90,000 video views, over 30,000 display ad clicks, 5.2k visits to their website and a 65% increase in average Facebook benchmarks CTR.




Sep 30, 2020
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LEAP Group
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