Tinder Takes a Swipe at Virtual Reality With This CES Prank

The Headset Just Got Even Bigger

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Jan 05, 2017

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It's a virtual match.

Tinder, the singles-swiping app that matches daters, is having some fun at the Consumer Electronics Show with a tandem "virtual-reality headset."

Tinder, which is not a gadget maker, has a booth at the show to pull off the marketing stunt based on the hot tech trend of VR. Only there's not so much VR.

People will peek inside the multiperson headset and simply be looking directly into each other's eyes, and perhaps make a love match the old-fashioned way -- in person.

"We wanted to have some fun with the concept of virtual reality, given that the technology is one of the hottest trends for 2017," Ferrell McDonald, Tinder's CMO, said in an emailed statement. "But considering Tinder's mission is to help people match and then meet up in the real world -- we created something with this in mind. The experience actually takes the 'V' out of 'VR,' so CES attendees trying on our multi-user 'headset' for the first time may walk away with a new perspective of the reality in front of them."

Besides the joke, Tinder has been taking CES seriously for its marketing, and it had been promoting its mysterious concept booth inside the app to people swiping in Las Vegas. The app works by letting people accept photos of other potential dates, and if both people match, they can message each other.

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