If You Don't Drink Innocent, An Alpaca Could Wreak Mass Destruction in Peru

101 and Max Joseph Behind Fun New Film Featuring Crazy Chain of Events

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Jan 20, 2014

Editor's Pick

Aside from their deliciousness, there's another reason you should imbibe Innocent Drinks. 10% of the company's profits go to charity. But that little tidbit is not necessarily going to make you leap out of your chair and go buy the brand's juices, which is why agency 101 and Hungry Man director Max Joseph go all out in laying out the "Chain of Good" you can kick off with a purchase. They tell the story of Mark, a thirsty young gent who, by simply purchasing an Innocent juice, sets off a chain of events that makes the life of one Peruvian woman so much spectacular--she gets to knit more sweaters, bring energy to her home, keep her family warm and even teach her kid soccer. The film also shows the alternative--in which Mark purchases a crappy soda instead, eventually causing an alpaca to scream and set off mass destruction in the woman's Peruvian village.

The fun, frenetic film no doubt takes inspiration from Mr. Joseph's previous outing "Follow the Frog," for Rainforest Alliance, which illustrated the ill-effects of not purchasing the environmentally-friendly products endorsed by the organization.