Cold War Kids Create New Track out of Stella Artois Chalices

Mother N.Y. Taps Sonic Inventor Andy Cavatorta to Create 'Chalice Symphony'

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Mar 06, 2014

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How much music can you make with a Stella Artois chalice? The Belgian brewer, along with Mother New York, commissioned MIT Media Lab and sonic inventor Andy Cavatorta to create a set of instruments with the lager's famous drinking glass, which were then played by indie band Cold War Kids as part of a new track, "A Milllion Eyes."

The band wrote the soulful ballad and performed it using the instruments in the Chalice Symphony. The song is available free for download at For the symphony, Mr. Catavorta created four instruments: The Hive, named after its unique shape and sound; the boat-horn-like Pryophone; The Star Harp stringed instrument and The Violina, which produces a high-pitched string sound. Mr. Catovarta's past creations have primarily involved robotics, design and film, and he recently spent a year collaborating with Bjork.

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